Your Partner in
Process Design
and Evaluation




We will audit your heat exchanger and / or evaporation process using our own software simulation program which will analyse the actual operational conditions of your process. The output from this will be a detailed analysis of the operational status of your plant.  We then create a prioritised list of areas to focus on in order to optimize your process.


Based on your specific requirements we will create a simulation model of your heat exchanger and / or evaporation process. The simulation will utilise your current production values and could encompass the entire process or just areas where
problems or improvements have been identified by the audit.

Once complete you will have detailed information on problems such as fouling or suspected leakage and detailed information on any bottlenecks in the process.


Based on our performance simulation and analysis we will make recommendations in order to optimize your process and / or to increase capacity or optimize energy consumption.

These suggested changes would encompass the entire process as analysed, and for example could be a change of production, change of temperatures, or addition of heat surfaces.



Once the analysis has been completed and where our recommendations include for the addition of new equipment, ProcessData can, together with our partners, take on the responsibility for the sizing, manufacturing, and finally installation on site.


We are able to offer a complete training package covering Evaporators,
Heat Exchangers and their processes.



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