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Process Design
and Evaluation




Our specialized software package EvapoLund has been developed since 1995, incorporating new
features as a result of feedback from customers and managing their processes.
Lund is available in a number of versions to meet your specific needs.

The software EvapoLund is a specialized tool to assist you design highly efficient and
economic process plants. EvapoLund includes a module for the creation of detailed process flow sheets,
these flow sheets are then used within EvapoLund to analyze the process and carry out calculations on any
aspect of the process to determine optimum performance.

EvapoLund is tailored to meet your specific needs of your process.

We can support you to analyze your process and provide you with a graphical interface that allows
you to simulate many different 'what if' scenarios allowing you to maintain optimum performance.


This online version of EvapoLund connects to the process control system and allows the dynamic
monitoring of the process. By monitoring U-values it is possible to determine where fouling occurs and
optimize operation and cleaning.




ProcessData AB, S. Esplanaden 18C, 223 52  Lund, Sweden