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Our research level expertise in chemical engineering and simulation supports your efforts in reinventing your
chemical processes. In 1995 founder Prof. Emeritus Åke Jernqvist, Lund Univ. of Tech, developed the first
version of our software EvapoLund. ProcessData provides industry leading tools and services for design and
evaluation of Evaporation and Heat Exchange processes. We work with partners in Scandinavia and the US.

Data provides the following services:
- Audit: Your existing heat exchangers and/or evaporators are analysed. Areas for improvement are identified
- Simulation: Reveals detailed information on potential problems such as fouling, leakage, and bottlenecks
- Optimisation: Recommendations for actions regarding process, capacity, and energy optimisations
- Process upgrades & service:
We service, design, manufacture, and install equipment together with partners

ProcessData also offers customers to acquire our software in two editions:
- EvapoLund: The full version offers customers the opportunity to design and simulate systems.
- EvapOnline: Allows online monitoring of your system.

Don't hesitate to contact us for projects or quotations!
Malin Jernqvist, Managing Director


Our Partners


Ekström & Son                          
AH Process                      

- Process Design and Process Equipment
- Process Equipment
- Heat Exchangers, Electrical preheaters
- Drying processes



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